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Nature’s Caretakers

Foxy Friends lead the way. That is what we gardeners are. Nature’s Caretakers. We’re on the front lines, holding back a people-scape that creeps into wild places where animals roam free. We don’t usually think of ourselves as holding a … Continue reading

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Umm….Good Morning?

Dispatch from Susan in New Hampshire Well, I woke up this morning and hearing noises, I thought there were squirrels at the birdseed again. You see, we had kept the birdseed in a closet in the house (I know rule … Continue reading

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The Gentlest of Seasons

Fall is settling in. I can feel it as I walk through the garden. The sun’s light is still sharp but it has lost its ferocious heat. On this bright day insects bob from daisy to daisy to find a … Continue reading

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Castles in Clay

Charley is the best weatherman, though we rarely see him because he usually hides out in the culvert beneath our driveway. You might assume that he is hiding because he doesn’t want to hear complaints about his forecasting, but we … Continue reading

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Spunky and Pokey: Fawns of the Year

Sometimes the latch sticks, so this evening it took me a moment to make sure the gate was properly closed. When I turned to go, the fawn was standing in the middle of the path. We were about four or … Continue reading

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Intrigue at the Blue Mist Discos

It’s September and Blue Mist Discos are open everywhere, reminding me that, yes, it is September, and it is their time to open. Next spring I’ll be pulling tired old skeletons left from fall carousing and waiting till next fall … Continue reading

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More Meatballs and Lollipops, Please

Years ago, a certain company offered two types of fantastic seed tapes. Each one was guaranteed to produce instant results for cottage gardeners and formal gardeners alike. In case you want to follow up on this terrific offer, the order … Continue reading

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The Visitor

I know it’s January. No, not just because I’m atoning for holiday indulgences. Lots of clues. Cold weather, maybe. The sun, yes, the sun. It’s so low in the sky its rays at noon reach far into my paneled sitting … Continue reading

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Sweet, Sweet(?) Sounds of Summer

There is peace on this afternoon in June. Listen and you can hear a whisper of leaves on a breeze, a whisper of waves on the shore, and the faintest ripple of music in the trees. This music is not … Continue reading

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Life at a birdfeeder can get complicated. . .

There are the regulars, and then there are the foul-weather visitors. We don’t mean to boast, but the regulars who visit our birdfeeder have very good manners. Even in bad weather, when they must be hungry, they are patient. They … Continue reading

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