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September Renaissance

Unbidden Garden Pleasures It never fails to surprise. Come September I fall in love with my garden again. Spring is always first love, probably is for most gardeners, new and tender, impatient, welcome after a raw winter. Then sun-dried summers … Continue reading

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September Frolic in a Southern Garden

It’s playtime in our garden in September. Happy recess between hot and cold seasons. Plants are putting a finish on blooms and berries. Bees and butterflies follow the sun, attend progressive end-of-the-season nectar parties. Birds buzz, chirp, chip, while they … Continue reading

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October On My Mind. . .Still

Faded now, but traceries in the garden awaken memories. October is that cusp of December reluctant to take leave of August. October is enjoying, and waiting, and leftovers, and firsts and lasts, and looking back, and looking ahead, and knowing … Continue reading

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Last Monarchs. . .First Honeybees

Early November, Lowe’s Home Improvement was selling agastache ‘Purple Fortune’ almost bloomed out and looking like a ragamuffin, for one dollar. Like the perennial optimists we gardeners are, I rose to the challenge and bought two. Yes, I can coax … Continue reading

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Missing Summer — Already?

I can’t believe I spent most of the summer fretting about too much heat too much humidity too much sun and not enough rain, and now that cool weather is here, I am already wishing I could have another go … Continue reading

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A Pollinator’s Heaven

I wish we could say we were brilliant and actually planned this little bit of heaven. Like everything else in our garden, it simply evolved. It happened this way. Several trees, their structure internally damaged by Hurricane Isabel, had to … Continue reading

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The Gentlest of Seasons

Fall is settling in. I can feel it as I walk through the garden. The sun’s light is still sharp but it has lost its ferocious heat. On this bright day insects bob from daisy to daisy to find a … Continue reading

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Sunbeams in my Garden

Overheard in the garden after a long rainy spell. . . You’re looking lovely as ever, dear Mrs. Cottontail. Tell me, can you help me find the sun today? No, I’ve not seen the sun, Wolf. And don’t sweet-talk me … Continue reading

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