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September Renaissance

Unbidden Garden Pleasures It never fails to surprise. Come September I fall in love with my garden again. Spring is always first love, probably is for most gardeners, new and tender, impatient, welcome after a raw winter. Then sun-dried summers … Continue reading

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How Bayer’s Bug-Killer Got Hitched to Monsanto’s Weed-Killer

Adventures Down the Rabbit Hole It was a spectacular June affair. Monsanto was Matron of Honor for Roundup (Lizzie Borden of Weed-Killers), and Bayer was Best Man for Neonics (Godfather of Bug-Killers). The Department of Justice was Justice of the … Continue reading

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Good to the Last Drop?

Tuning out the world,  a female eastern tiger swallowtail, missing its “tail,”  sips deep from a brownie boy daylily

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Last Monarchs. . .First Honeybees

Early November, Lowe’s Home Improvement was selling agastache ‘Purple Fortune’ almost bloomed out and looking like a ragamuffin, for one dollar. Like the perennial optimists we gardeners are, I rose to the challenge and bought two. Yes, I can coax … Continue reading

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The Bee Report

We owe the beleaguered honeybee and his friends Bam! Statistics on honeybee survival leave you reeling. Take a look at some news items released this year. (Bold italics my emphasis.) From Reuters in May, 2015 comes this alarming report: “Honey … Continue reading

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The Dances of Summer

Dog Days they’re called, 40 days in July and August when sultry days and nights get man and plants down. The garden is looking tired and I’m tired of looking at the garden. Until butterflies arrive. They spice up the … Continue reading

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