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Top Ten Tips for the Tidy Gardener

Compliments of the Untidy Gardener Now that we are beginning a new gardening year I thought it would be nice to offer the following suggestions. I hope you find them timely and inspirational. Sorry, only two pictures because the garden … Continue reading

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My Love Affair with Mulch

Back is Broke, Shoulders Sore But Still I Carry the Torch…er Pitchfork A love affair with mulch? How desperate can she be? Truly. Hear my story. It was not love at first sight. Half a century ago I barely knew … Continue reading

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Holiday Poinsettias for the Garden

The Unruly Gardener Shares her Experiences In late December 2019 I wound up with seven ailing poinsettias, four from people who know I am a pushover for ailing plants and three carry-overs from winter 2018-2019. These were gifts from friends … Continue reading

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Reviving Old-Timey Sorghum Molasses Days

A New-Age Experiment on an Old Southern Tradition At the end of August good friend Steve invited us to come by for a try at making sorghum syrup at his barn. This would be an adventure, he said, as no … Continue reading

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Hurricanes and an Aging Woodland

Trees Have Adventures, Too Hot spots in the Atlantic Ocean have been popping up like weeds in a garden this year, and I can’t help reflecting on what kinds of mischief they could spill in the next two months. I … Continue reading

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Empress Josephine: Plantaholic for the Ages

Her Passion for Plants Enriches our Gardens Today She was attractive, willful, extravagant. She was smart, manipulative, acquisitive. She was passionate about plants. But she had no money. In fact, the first three decades of her life read like a … Continue reading

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A Practically Perfect Spring

But There is a Catch It’s late May when I begin this piece, and it’s been windy and rainy for seven or eight days. Last I checked we had seven-going-on eight inches in the rain gauge, with more coming in, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Hellebores in Two Gardens

Dazzle and Disappointment, Inheritance and Intuition Part I Imagine this dazzle growing in one garden. Yup, just one garden: Susan’s Zone 5 garden on a rocky hillside in New Hampshire. Appropriately, she’s floated these beauties in a heart-shaped glass bowl … Continue reading

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In a Hatter’s Mad World There is Escape to a Garden

Of all the quirky grounds I can think of for escaping to a garden – snooping on box turtles, smelling the rain – never would I have listed escaping a pandemic. More specifically, the noise of the fear. I am … Continue reading

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Garden Memories

Three decades of my memories are seamed to the garden with a lock stitch that cannot unravel. The quiet months, January and February, when the green world seems asleep, often draw me back to those first years, when I was … Continue reading

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