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The Big Bomb Cyclone of 2018

Doesn’t the land look beautiful? Pristine, frozen in place, blue shadows long, yellow sun wan as it drops to the horizon. In all the newscasts I’ve heard, however, nobody seems to point out how effectively a Bomb Cyclone can spiffy … Continue reading

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The Weather Outside Can Be Frightful

January’s winter storm was a piker compared with past whoppers. Barely two inches of snow fell, but a long winter’s night of sleet managed to pull it all together and put on a good show. Cold weather and slick roads … Continue reading

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The Blizzard of 2015. . .

. . .And Other Winter Snows We were treated like some kind of heroes.  For no particular reason, except that we had weathered the blizzard and come home to talk about it. The weekend before the great storm,  fifteen of … Continue reading

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