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Snapshots from a New Hampshire Garden: Part IV

Country Trees City Trees Country Trees I miss the wind. Even on still days there was furtive gossiping, murmurs, whispers, swishing, sighing in the air, with answering ripples, sometimes, from lazy waves lapping at a sand bar some place. Visitors … Continue reading

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Snapshots from a New Hampshire Garden: Part III

Our Garden Heroes There is utter madness behind our methods. We are designing and planting new gardens in our mid-eighties. Then again, we ask, why not? Gardening has become the biggest whodunnit for us, a larger-than-life mystery about outdoor place-and-space … Continue reading

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Snapshots from a New Hampshire Garden: Part II

True Confessions of a Plantaholic Can anyone spare a dime (or more, on account of inflation) for a new pair of garden shoes? I spent all my money on plants. For years I’ve kept my addiction to plants, if not … Continue reading

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Snapshots from our New Hampshire Garden Part I

The Privet and the Maple I once said that I would never live in a ranch house or a red brick house, and I would never have a garden with a Norway maple or a privet hedge or a big … Continue reading

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Gork, A Special Blue Jay

How a Baby Bird Stole our Hearts   It is not every day that a ball of fluff enters your heart and takes you by the hand and leads you into a world you could not possibly have imagined. This … Continue reading

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How Do You Say Goodbye to a Garden?

Our Southern Garden Gave Us Rich Memories It was high dusk on a gray November day. We had countless plants we’d collected on the fly from our thirty-five-year-old garden tightly wedged into the back seat of the car. There was … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Roots of our North Carolina Garden

A Lesson in Patience I’ve had a quietly satisfying epiphany! After listening to gardeners across the country I began to see how place — geography, environment, climate, soil — defines the character of a garden — and sets the limits. … Continue reading

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To Spray Or Not to Spray

The Unvarnished, Untold Story of our Pleasure Garden Many of you commented on my recent posts about the wonderful spring we had here: a lovely blend of copious rainfall, balmy temperatures and sunny days that produced boundless garden bouquets. Now … Continue reading

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Albemarle Sound: Voyage Through Centuries XI

Rising Seas and Sinking Land Nathaniel Batts may have been a recluse when he died in 1679, but he was a virtuoso wheeler-dealer in his younger days as fur trader, land owner, pardoned murderer, serial debtor, swindler, explorer who discovered … Continue reading

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Albemarle Sound: Voyage through Centuries X

Legacy Some of the counties surrounding Albemarle Sound are among the poorest and least populated in the state. They are also the most vulnerable to rising seas, as we shall see in the final chapter. Poverty and isolation are not … Continue reading

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