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In a Hatter’s Mad World There is Escape to a Garden

Of all the quirky grounds I can think of for escaping to a garden – snooping on box turtles, smelling the rain – never would I have listed escaping a pandemic. More specifically, the noise of the fear. I am … Continue reading

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The Winter of Three Degrees Part I of III

Or, Exposure Exposure Exposure. . .And More I can already hear our northern friends laughing. You can’t be wringing your hands over Three Degrees! Three posts devoted to a cold winter! You Southern Softies! Don’t expect us to feel sorry … Continue reading

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A Gardener’s Weather

It’s the middle of March and they are bickering in the heavens again. Move out, you Old Goat, you’re done, finished. Old goat, eh! I’ll show you. Want a blast of wind chill? And some crusty barbs of ice? You—you—you … Continue reading

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Turtles on the Log, All’s Well with Spring

Greetings from A Heron’s Garden on this, the first glorious spring day of 2014. There’s a brisk breeze, but a kind sun and clear blue skies. I am exuberant. The soil is still cold and water still pools in the … Continue reading

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Plants for Pennies

It began in earnest many years ago with a Master Gardener class on how to propagate plants by taking stem cuttings. I must have been having a relapse of Empty Nest syndrome then. Oh, the possibilities! Bob the Builder was … Continue reading

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‘Tis the Season. . .for Quince to Fall

We never know when the quince are ripe, or if they ever do get ripe. We barely notice them when they first show up as shiny green one-inch balls tight along a leafy branch. After they grow into yellow mini-cannonballs, … Continue reading

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