Umm….Good Morning?

Dispatch from Susan in New Hampshire

Well, I woke up this morning and hearing noises, I thought there were squirrels at the birdseed again.

You see, we had kept the birdseed in a closet in the house (I know rule #1-don’t keep birdseed in the house), but in 17 years we never had pantry moths….until this summer.

We moved the seed outside, but have never had a lid for the can. For some reason we had only thought about squirrels and chipmunks. DUH!

How surprised I was to see this little (OK big) guy enjoying himself on the front porch when I was expecting to look out to find a couple squirrels. He wasn’t even really eating the seed, but rather licking the inside of the can.

I’m not sure what to think about this, but I’m sure we’ll make a little more noise from now on upon leaving the house. He was darn cute though, and very tame, although probably sad that the blueberry harvest has been ongoing and is almost done. Will probably be back for the feeders.

The first picture is a haul from one morning about a week ago. That’s really when he should have been here in the blueberry patch.

He was VERY tame. He heard Mike coming through Tom’s room. That’s the first picture when he looked up. Didn’t even really move.

Lumbered around the yard quite freely and stayed on paths, etc. Seemed very comfortable here and then finally ambled off down the brick path, across the driveway and out into the back woods.










Ed Note: Protected blueberry bushes can be seen in the upper right of the last photo. Susan has seen the bear once since, incidentally quite healthy with a coat of fur that shined in sunlight, checking the porch for the pail and ambling about the yard, undisturbed by clanging and clatter, before wandering into the woods.

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